Treating Nasal Polyps With Steroid Tablets

In my previous post I discussed about corticosteroid and mometasone spray for small nasal polyps treatment. In today’s post I am going to discuss about some oral medicine frequently used to remove nasal polyps. If you are looking for a complete guideline regarding nasal polyps treatment then you can read this post on nasal polyps treatment miracle eBook by Manuael Richards. In this article I wrote a complete honest review on nasal polyps treatment miracle eBook which is one of the best book on nasal polyps treatment using traditional medicine and alternative medicine. However let’s move into our main focus… “Treating Nasal Polyps with Steroid Tablets.”

Well in my previous post I discussed about small polyps which can be treated using corticosteroid and mometasone nasal inhaler. But if you are suffering from large polyps then your physician might prescribe you some oral remedies. Doctors can recommend you to take oral medicines if your symptoms are particularly troublesome. There are corticosteroid tablets too. Your ENT specialist might recommend you to take steroid tablets for short time. Still doctors might recommend you to continue your corticosteroid nasal inhaler. I mean oral and nasal both steroid solutions might be continued simultaneously. Apart from this your doctor can prescribe you prednisolone too. Prednisolone tablets are another kind of steroid tablets. Prednisolone is prescribed for very short time of use usually for maximum 10 days and minimum 7 days. Nasal Polyps Treatment Miracle by Manuel Richards is an eBook that contains all necessary treatment guideline. I wrote an honest review on this eBook which can be useful for you.

Prednisolone has side effects too. As it is another kind of steroid medication so if you already guessed it then you are correct. However the side effects of Prednisolone are…

High blood pressure
Osteoporosis or bone weakening
Weight gain
Blurred vision
Shortness of breathe
Mood changes
Many more…

Again if you don’t see remarkable improvement within 3 weeks than visit your doctor. Your doctor might recommend you to go for a surgery which is much better solution than using steroid for such a long time which is very injurious for health.

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