Treating Nasal Polyps With Corticosteroid And Mometasone

Steroid medicines can be applied to remove nasal polyps successfully. Even though patients often think surgery is the only way to get rid of nasal polyps but it is actually completely wrong idea. In fact only larger polyps need to remove using surgery. Surgeon actually recommends surgery to those whose polyps are not responding to normal medication.

Corticosteroid is one kind of steroid medicine that is usually prescribed by general practitioners or ENT specialists to patients whose polyps are comparatively small and who carry just few polyps. Corticosteroid can shrink nasal polyps as well as decrease inflammation. Read my review on nasal polyps treatment miracle eBook of Manuel Richards.

Well unfortunately Corticosteroid can be cause of side effects! Corticosteroid is one kind of hormone. Hormones are very powerful chemicals which have various kinds of effects on our body. Therefore to reduce side effects of steroids doctors also recommend Mometasone too. Mometasone is another kind of spray which causes very little amount of side effects when compared with steroid sprays. But still Mometasone has side effects too. Patients who reported side effects of Mometasone reported they suffered from headache, sneezing, bleeding from nose, sore throat etc. But the good news is most of the patients who used Mometasone never reported any kind of discomfort with this medicine.

How long it takes to see improvement? Well the result is not immediate! It means you need to sue the spray whether it is a steroid spray or the Mometasone during at least five weeks. Within this time patients with small polyps see remarkable improvement. But even if you see any kind of good progress you are still recommended to continue using the sprays for long term to reduce any chance of nasal polyps return. If patients stop using sprays when polyps fade out then polyps might come back even within few weeks!

Well now if you don’t see any significant improvement in your polyps then you must visit your doctor. Only a doctor can give you final verdict whether you need to go under a nasal polyps surgery or not.

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