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Linda My name is Linda Mayham. I received my graduation in nursing from South Alabama Nursing College, Alabama University, Alabama, USA. After my graduation I received M.Sc in Nursing from same college. It’s my pleasure that I got chance to work in many renowned hospitals around the world. After my masters degree I went to England and there worked in some eminent hospitals including Wellington Hospital, King George Hospital & Mount Vernon Hospital. However after spending few years there in England I came back to California and started working for Feather River Hospital.

This website is mainly aimed to give volunteer services specially to ENT patients who are suffering from various ENT diseases. I have an advanced training on how to take care of ENT patients and helping doctors who do micro surgeries like ENT surgeons. As this is the field I concentrated for almost 7+ years hence I do believe I can give good aid to ENT patients. From the name of the website one might think this site belongs to nasal polyps only but yes it was my initial field of interest. But soon I realized there are several ENT relevant treatments and health care articles that I can provide to my audience.

Thanks for my followers who provided me extremely good feedback specially in facebook and twitter! I am really grateful to know you loved my website and my efforts! :) However still I would look for your suggestions, criticisms, valuable insights and your most valuable comments in social accounts and here in this website too. I hope you would continue your support to improve my service to you.

An Acknowledgement: Well I need to explain why I used advertisements on my websites! I got this questions asked by many readers and I am pleased that I was able to successfully explain my stand to them on. In fact running a website with tons of good articles and hosting, website development etc. cost good amount of money. I would emphasize on time mainly. Everyday I spend minimum 12 hours in hospital. Then I have to spend some time for my family as I cant be so much selfish! Holiday is very rare for medical professionals like us. On the other hand writing an well researched authority article with good references is really a time consuming affair. So I am giving a significant amount of time behind all of these efforts. This is why I had to earn a bit via this site. Bulk amount of earning is spent for upkeep of the website. Rest goes to improvement of the site. Therefore the service still remains as volunteer service. I can ensure you the advertisements or sponsors I selected for my site are selected after a very careful inspection. I personally checked pros and cons of the products, user reviews and scientific bases of the products. Products with negative reports are expelled immediately. So every advertisements had to pass a very scrupulous system to be shown on my site. I hope that makes sense. :)

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